Our focus is on life’s simple pleasures… growing and cooking the best food, exploring the natural world, and sharing our adventures with others. Come join us!

Roosterhaven was established in 2018 with the goal of raising high-quality food. Years of culinary experience in both professional kitchens and our home kitchen have taught us the best ingredients yield the best results. We want to share our love of eating the best meals and exploring the riches we have all around us.

Roosterhaven currently resides on a few acres just south of Deer Park, WI. We grow a wide array of vegetables, fruits, and herbs following organic standards. We also raise poultry and hogs on pasture, allowing them to engage in their natural behaviors. This produces a more ethical meat that also happens to be more nutritious and possesses a more complex flavor profile.

We believe in producing food using methods that create a positive environmental impact. This yields more nutritious food, increases the biodiversity of our land, and supports healthy soil and water.

We use cover crops to add more nitrogen and organic matter to the soil. These “green manure” crops suppress weeds, prevent erosion, sequester carbon, and provide habitat for beneficial insects.

Pollinators are essential to growing food, with about one third of crops requiring an insect pollinator to bear fruit. We strategically plant or nurture native perennial plants around the farm. These plants provide nectar, pollen, and habitat for all kinds of bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, spiders, and other beneficial insects. When we have to mow or till, we survey the site first to protect or relocate beneficial plants and insects.

Though our specific goals and processes will undoubtedly change along the way, our core motivations will remain constant. As long as we continue to live on this land, we intend to steward it to the best of our abilities. We hope you can be a part of our endeavors!

The Farmers

photo by Scott Streble
photo by Scott Streble


Sal is the writer, photographer, and manager of the farm. The two values she lives by are curiosity and creativity. She has an academic background in Biology, which often leads her out of the farm and into the wilds. When not working on the farm, she can be found reading, writing, researching, doing yoga, drinking whiskey, or dreaming up new ideas. Her favorite vegetable to grow is garlic.


Joe is the other farm manager. His specialties are building, fixing, and tinkering. He was trained in classical french cookery, which provides inspiration for some of the unusual vegetable varieties we grow. Outside of the farm, he enjoys softball, golfing, eco-tourism, and discovering new restaurants. His favorite vegetable to cook with is whatever is in season. And potatoes.