Waiting for Wednesday

Time always seems to move a little bit funny on the farm. Months feel like years, yet weeks can pass like days. And yet, looking forward it seems like it will take forever to get to Wednesday. I am really looking forward to Wednesday. It is Sunday right now, and we have two more nights of freezing temperatures before the weather begins to return to a seasonal norm. That’s two more nights of locking down the hoop house, covering the onions with makeshift row covers (aka sheets and curtains), and hoping that all the newly germinated plants can withstand the weather. Two more days of postponed planting and transplanting as we wait for conditions to be more gentle on delicate vegetation.

Wednesday cannot come soon enough. And once it does come, with day temps over 55 and nights over 45, the game is back on. With one week left until the typical last frost date for this area (May 20), we will be trying to get every cool season transplant in the ground and every warm season plant hardened off on the patio. We will be moving herbs and dividing perennials. Putting the finishing touches on the fencing, and laying down more mulch. Because May is a flurry of planting and waiting, watching the weather, and working furiously in warm windows. We know that May is for planning and planting, because when June gets here, the work really begins.

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