End of Summer Frittata

All too suddenly we reach the season known as The End of Summer. With the pleasantly cool nights of full summer starting to dip lower and lower, we all know the inevitable is nigh. Soon the first frost of the year will blanket the early morning land, killing the most tender plants. Basil, peppers, okra, melons, beans; all cold-intolerant varieties that will be gone overnight once the right conditions conspire. Now we shake off tomato fatigue: as we try to fill our coolers and larders with all of the remaining goodness of summer, so we try to stuff our mouths and bellies with enough fresh produce to get us through until next summer.

This frittata is one of the endless variations of this quick and classic breakfast dish. For this version I sauteed up a thin eggplant and zucchini for a few minutes, then added 8 eggs whisked with a little water, cooking the mixture on medium-low heat just until it started to set around the edges. I added in a few dollops of cream cheese (though cheese curds, quark, or chevre would have been equally amazing) and popped it in oven until it was cooked through, about 20 more minutes. The finishing touches were artfully arranged fresh basil and heirloom roma tomato slices.

These ingredients have been on daily rotation for months, but somehow the nearness of the end encourages an extra moment of pause. The memories of dishes like this is what will sustain us through the cold months ahead.

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